Laurelin Kruse
Video: Smilow Cancer Hospital Dedication Ceremony

Open Studios showcases local art

Tucked inside old, run-down office buildings, above downtown pizza restaurants and in the basements of churches are the studios of New Haven’s artists. Artists, art […]

Briefly: More Americans study abroad

The number of American students studying abroad increased by 8 percent in the 2006-’07 academic year after rising 8.5 percent the previous year, according to […]

Forestry gets new digs for ’09

Between Sage Hall and Osborne Memorial Laboratory, halfway up Science Hill, stands an unfinished building that is beginning to come to life. Its glass façade […]

Panels to discuss class issues | IAC hopes to make change, but goals unclear

The University’s newly created body for fostering cultural dialogue met for the first time this week, as students and faculty comprising the Intercultural Affairs Council […]