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RITM hosts panel of Latinx scholars

The Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity and Transnational Migration hosted a panel of Latinx history scholars to discuss their work on the American […]

Students criticize DOJ admissions lawsuit against Yale

Students have largely criticized the Department of Justice’s Thursday move to sue Yale over alleged discrimination against Asian American and white applicants. In an email […]

YLS faculty organize community voting outreach event

New Haveners and Yalies convened on Loomis Place Sunday evening to write letters to voters in an effort to increase turnout for the Nov. 3 […]

Black Students for Disarmament pens letter calling on Yale to abolish its police force

Black Students for Disarmament at Yale, a group of undergraduate organizers, has sent an open letter to Yale administrators demanding they disarm and dismantle the […]

Divinity School administrator to leave Yale

The Rev. Dr. Cathy George, who is currently serving as assistant dean of Yale Divinity School, has chosen not to seek reappointment, effective in Spring […]

Student groups, community members discuss mass incarceration and public health

A lack of public health resources combined with mass incarceration hinder people’s abilities to get adequate care and adapt to life outside of imprisonment, according […]

Yale declines $6.8 million federal grant

Yale has declined over $6 million in federal aid, even as the University’s budget contracts under the weight of an economic recession.  The United States […]

Professor and journalist Walter Shapiro: Covering his 11th presidential campaign from the epicenter of a pandemic

Between unexpected phone calls (the retro way), safe walks and witty tweets, Professor Shapiro has been teaching his rather popular seminar, “Presidential Campaigns and the Media,” via Zoom.

Camacho appointed head of Ezra Stiles College

Professor Alicia Schmidt Camacho has been appointed as the new Head of Ezra Stiles College for a five-year term, replacing her partner professor Stephen Pitti […]

Kobe Rizk
Yale students to receive federal grant money

As scores of quarantined college students struggle to make ends meet, institutions are not the only sources of support — the federal government will now provide […]

Professor Margulis wins Abel Prize

For the first time in University history, a Yale mathematician won the prestigious Abel Prize in Mathematics, the Nobel Prize’s math-world equivalent.  The recipient, math […]

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