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Until the Bitter Weather Passes: Reflections on Pinsky’s “Pleasures”

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry. — Mark Strand, “Eating Poetry” “Essential […]

Settling Down: Romance in the Era of Gen Z

A woman of the 21st century smashes and dashes. This is the calling of modern femininity, or so it has always seemed to me as […]

PORTRAIT: Urn Pendragon

A new flag flies over the New Haven Green. Its right half bears the traditional Pride rainbow of six bright stripes; its left, a black-and-brown-and-cyan-and-pink-and-white […]

The Harmonious Ambiguity of “What Remains”

What remained with me after the Yale Repertory Theatre’s opening night production of “What Remains” is unexplainable. I walked out the Iseman Theatre with sounds […]

Cold Cases, Open Wounds

Remembering Home

I grew up in a house facing a creek, under the roof of my mother’s childhood home. A 26-kilometer stream ran right through our corner […]


I. In a home video from 1998, my mother coos, “Kyung Mi ya — aegoo? I love you.” She sneaks her index finger into my […]

Laurie Wang
Konglish: An Anecdotal Definition

“Umma! I’m ddonging!” My sister Kyung Eun shouts through an open bathroom door. Ddong, the Korean word for poop, is a verb in our household. […]

Irene Kim
Book Trader: A Tale Of

Where the love of secondhand books meets gourmet sandwiches, Book Trader Cafe has spent two decades growing old with the city of New Haven, in […]

Poke: The Politics of Food

These days, you don’t have to cross the Pacific Ocean for poke, a marinated fish salad tracing its origins back to the islands of Hawaii. […]