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TRAMONTE: Come to the table

The long table of Saybrook College has seen much in the last few years.

Our HIV Crisis?

The minute he placed the wooden phallus on the table, giggles erupted and eyes widened. “Let’s talk about condom usage,” announced the seminar leader to a roomful of freshmen last August. “Remember when you’re putting it on, you want it to look like a sombrero, not a beanie.”

TRAMONTE: Our HIV crisis — Reclaim the spotlight

Yale sacrificed many of its sons to the epidemic, but their identities seem lost in the past.

TRAMONTE: Our HIV crisis: PrEP is not a cure

It is unwise to herald PrEP as the key to freeing a generation from HIV.

TRAMONTE: Our HIV crisis — What if?

We can begin to defeat stigma today.

TRAMONTE: Our HIV crisis — All incidence is not equal

Despite representing only 13 percent of the U.S. population, African Americans account for nearly half of all new HIV infections each year.

TRAMONTE: Our HIV crisis — Young and at risk

The belief that HIV in America is no longer a public concern couldn’t be further from the truth.

TRAMONTE: No price for inclusion

American postsecondary education is transactional by nature.

TRAMONTE: Baring it all

Those seeking a spectacle will always find one underneath the Saybrook flag at the end of the third quarter of the Yale-Harvard game. Responding to the rallying cry, “shoeessss!” the students remove their boots and derbies and wave them around in preparation for the Saybrook Strip.

TRAMONTE: Defined by opposition

It doesn’t take the monumentality of a national election to realize we make the majority of our decisions based not on what we want but rather on what we don’t want.

TRAMONTE: In the eye of the beholder

We become what the eye sees.