Kristin Kovner
Club sports offer Yalies a competitive alternative

For those Yalies who want the satisfaction of serious athletic competition without the time commitment trappings of a varsity program, club sports offer the perfect […]

Abortion clinic move faces opposition

Summit Women’s Health Center faces one of its most important battles to date. Currently located in a somewhat abandoned area of Middle Street in Bridgeport, […]

Tax returns trouble international Yalies

While many Yalies are slaving away on senior essays and summer job interviews, others are just getting over an even greater nuisance. April 15 is […]

Big cigarette tax hike starts today

A month ago, a pack of cigarettes was at least 61 cents cheaper and about a tenth of a mile further away. Now, A-One Pizza […]

Yalie stars in reality TV show

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters. And this 5-foot-4-inch Bulldog […]

Book Haven remembers its Yale roots

Becky Feinberg ’01 apologizes as she’s about to sit down for an interview. “I’m sorry, I have to use the bathroom.” She scurries to the […]

Life in the colleges is a family affair

Timothy Quimby has been living at Yale for a year, and he’s never passed a class. Actually, he’s never taken a class. He’s the 4-year-old […]

Yalies in New York visit ground zero

This first winter break after Sept. 11 was a time for serious and solemn reflection by many students, especially New Yorkers. Many visited ground zero […]

Yale men lay down their Mach3s

The longer the better. At least this November for a group of bearded Yale men — and their groupies. The November Beard Club (NBC) is […]

The online facebook: a sketchy man’s best friend

For administrators, “facebook” is a noun. For students, it is a verb, and an active one at that. Providing endless hours of eye candy (and […]

Senior Council quickly relocates masquerade ball

After responding to an e-mail protest with some quick maneuvering, the Senior Class Council averted a boycott of this weekend’s Senior Masquerade Ball, which organizers […]