Kristen Wright
Wright: A hard road for Haiti

The alto saxophonist John Handy once said that playing with the legendary jazz bassist Charles Mingus was like “walking around on eggshells.” Mingus, who wrote […]

Wright: Exceptional ideas

Nationalism is alive and well at Yale. Why? Because Captain Freedom is here. The recent success of the men’s hockey team was remarkable, but I […]

Wright: The words worked

A month after the presidential Inauguration, public opinion and commercial metrics still deem Elizabeth Alexander’s ’84 “Praise Song for the Day” a failure. As the […]

Wright: Likable once, and again at the end

Kathi Cordsen of Fullerton, Calif., is a Republican. And she is still a Bush supporter. Her support of George W. Bush ’68 may be surprising, […]

Wright: Of language and tools

A tool, in the meaning we Yale students commonly give the word, is a pathological and pretentious social climber. Writing pretentious editorials and generally being […]

Wright: Challenge the status quo

I saw Daniel Beaty’s “Resurrection,” currently playing at Hartford Stage, with a class and, though I initially liked it, several of my classmates argued the […]

Wright: Behind ‘shock and awe’

The phrase “Shock and Awe” first appeared as the title of a 1996 National Defense University military doctrine by Harlan Ullman and James Wade. Most […]