Kristen Ng
Ng: It is what it is

CHICAGO — My days usually begin at 4 a.m. This leaves just enough time to shower, finish prepping for the day’s lessons, eat breakfast and […]

Ng: Learning to be forgotten

We think a lot about legacy here. Surrounded by statues and buildings with hyphenated names, we think about how we might change this place forever, […]

Ng: The people behind professors

Here’s a confession: In my four years in the economics major, I hardly went to office hours. After freshman year seminars transitioned to a life […]

Ng: A ritual for the unfamiliar

The first time someone close to me passed away was a foreign experience. I was 7 and it was my mother’s father. I didn’t know […]

Ng: Intellegence, per se

In my first foray into a life divided into semesters, I learned something that I’d like to believe many experience at the beginning of their […]

Ng: A semester to remember

This semester, I vowed to do all of the things I planned to do before Yale happened — before classes, rehearsals and papers clouded my […]

Ng: Yale, Act II: Still without answers

I expect many things during the first weeks of the semester: the sensory deluge of Camp Yale, the chaos of shopping period, the feeling of […]

Party’s over, sophomore slump: We’re through, finally

At the beginning of the semester, I was a woman on a mission. I resolved that by May, I would have everything figured out: My […]

In housing, vicissitudes of fortune spare no one

I have shared a bedroom with another person on two occasions in my life. The first was when I shared a room with my older […]

Dropping courses, setting out on new ones

At 2:30 p.m. on Friday, March 7, 2008, the final day before spring break, I walked out of Connecticut Hall and things were looking up. […]

Take it or leave it: A gold mine for thrifty Elis

Let’s rewind back to second semester freshman year. One-eighth of my undergraduate career was behind me, and I lived to tell the tale. A new […]