Kirsten Schnackenberg
Spring break plan serves hundreds of students

Over spring break, Yale Dining served over 3,400 meals to students staying in New Haven, the latest addition to a series of expanded dining options this year.

Full Spring Fling lineup announced

Though the Yale College Council unveiled the full lineup for this year’s Spring Fling Thursday, students said they still remain most excited about Macklemore.

YCC unveils full Spring Fling lineup

Indie artist Best Coast and DJ RL Grime will join Macklemore and Grouplove onstage for Spring Fling on April 29, the Yale College Council announced […]

Football juniors required to live on campus

Masters and deans lack authority to enforce this policy, as Yale Undergraduate Regulations allow juniors and seniors to move off campus.

YCC to author report for Salovey

The YCC hopes to present a report detailing student opinion on issues concerning academics, student life and athletics to President-elect Peter Salovey

YCC works to bring sophomores mixed-gender housing

The Yale College Council is working on expanding mixed-gender housing after the Yale Corporation approved a proposal to extend the option to juniors last spring.

Macklemore to perform at Spring Fling

The Yale College Council confirmed that Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis will appear in the April 29 Spring Fling lineup.

YCC confirms Macklemore

One day after the News announced that Macklemore would perform at Spring Fling, the Spring Fling Committee confirmed the decision, writing in a Sunday email […]

BREAKING: Macklemore for Spring Fling

Macklemore is coming to Spring Fling this year. The Seattle-based rapper is scheduled to perform at Yale this spring, according to Peter Schwartz, an agent […]

Frats see spring rush classes grow

Fraternities are rushing significantly larger spring classes than in previous years due to a ban on fall freshman recruitment.

University-wide student center considered

Students from Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the 12 professional schools are collaborating to draft a proposal for a student center.