Kiki Ochieng
OCHIENG: Equal pay for equal work

For graduating seniors, starting salaries are an all-too-common concern, but for soon-to-be alumnae, figuring out next year’s salary may be a little more stressful than for our male counterparts.

OCHIENG: A call for respect

By paying attention to the people and situations around us, we can address problems the moment they arise — and at the same time, make our high standards visible to all.

OCHIENG: A true pivot on Africa

espite possessing the fastest growing population and economies in the world, Africa has been curiously absent from Yale’s agenda.

‘We the People’: Musings on a trip to the inauguration

At 4 a.m. on Monday morning, in the dark parking lot of RFK Stadium, four buses full of Yalies awoke to make the trek downtown […]

OCHIENG: Beyond filling the seats

The women of Congress bear a unique burden because we exist in a bizarre transition time of figuring out just how fourth-wave feminism will express itself.

First Sandy, now snowy?

Today marks the first snowfall of the fall semester. Just a week and a half ago, the East Coast was hit by an unprecedentedly strong […]

What the Nobel Peace Prize Means for the EU

This is the first piece in Kiki Ochieng’s new WEEKEND Blog column, “Beyond Polls & Borders.” Watch her introduction to her writing series and focus […]

OCHIENG: The myth of a post-racial society

On February 26, high school junior Trayvon Martin stepped out of his father’s girlfriend’s home during the halftime break of a basketball game to grab […]