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Yale student competes, moves forward in Jeopardy college competition

Laughter erupted throughout the Jeopardy! audience when Nathaniel Miller ’22 told Alex Trebek he had changed his major five times, saying he’s “indecisive, it seems.” […]

Author discusses role of theology in politics

Author and Harvard professor Eric Nelson argued in a talk last week that many liberal political ideas are rooted in religious teaching, suggesting the two […]

Reverend delivers Gruber Distinguished Lecture

Reverend William J. Barber II argued in front of a law school crowd on Monday that America must tackle the issues of “racist voter suppression” […]

Sister gives annual STM Black History Month Lecture

Patricia Chappell, who is a sister of Notre Dame de Namur, told the crowd during her keynote lecture for Black History Month on Thursday that […]

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Reverend, rabbi discuss role of faith in activism

Reverend Hurmon Hamilton prompted the attendees to shout words including “story,” “organizing,” “invitation” and “relationships” — all of which he uses to describe how his […]

Conference explores environmental justice

“When we talk about climate change, biodiversity loss and desertification, we are talking about the symptoms of the insatiable quest for economic growth and the […]

Sophomores voice shopping woes

When Alex Chen ’22 saw on CourseTable that many of his friends were shopping HIST 155: “California Capitalism,” he decided to try it out too. […]

Archive managers plan data collab

For the past three days, the maintainers of the two largest collections of testimonies of survivors of Nazi persecution met in New Haven to discuss […]

FLY, Community Initiative celebrate FGLI identity

“What does being First-Generation and/or Low-Income mean to you?” read a question scrawled across a whiteboard on Cross Campus. On Friday, the Community Initiative, First-Generation […]

Human rights advocate discusses Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

At a talk about Yemen’s human rights crisis at the Yale Law School on Friday, Radhya Almutawakel — chairperson and co-founder of the Mwatana Organization […]

TRAN: Giving a dollar

My eyes read the words: “I will give each of you a $1 bill. You must find a stranger who “looks like” he/she could use […]