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IAC takes new approach to Halloween

In 2015, the council’s Oct. 27 email marked the beginning of a series of campus protests about racial inclusivity at Yale.

Fossil study sheds light on ancient sea floor life

A recent Yale study, which suggests that the high silica content of ancient oceans is responsible for the preservation of the Ediacara biota fossil group, […]

Elm City eligible for grant

New Haven and 15 others cities around the state will be eligible in the upcoming months to apply for the Working Cities Challenge, a developmental […]

Lead poisoning remains state concern

1,473 Connecticut children under the age of six had lead poisoning in 2014, according to the latest data from the state’s Department of Public Health released in June 2016.

ConnectiCare to stay in CT

After a recently lost bid to increase insurance rates pushed Connecticut’s largest health insurer to consider leaving the state’s health care exchange, ConnectiCare announced Wednesday that it will stay.