Kevin Gallagher
Gallagher: A Moving Message

Thirty-six years ago today, the Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of Roe v. Wade, discovering an emanation from the penumbras of the […]

Gallagher: The mister in Mr. Yale

I do not know Jen Ivers ’10, still less do I bear her any ill-will, and I am comfortably committed to the principle that the […]

Gallagher: A holiday between life and death

It was around midnight, and I was finishing some work in the Pierson dining hall, when I looked up from my laptop to see a […]

Gallagher: Safety first, Yale

I had no part in bladderball’s return to campus. And I had my reasons for staying out of it. It was Parents’ Weekend, and my […]

Gallagher: A debate worthy of our generation

If I say that we are a bored and boring generation, that we are unexcited and have little to be excited about, you can be […]

Gallagher: Bright college crisis

The first few weeks of a new school year are a time for 11th-hour changed majors, for resigning yourself to the doldrums of required courses, […]

Gallagher: Censor only affirmatively

The news cycle has moved on from Yale’s recent decision to remove all images of Muhammad from Jytte Klaussen’s upcoming book on the 2005 Danish […]

Gallagher: Globalism is not new to Yale

In the official story Yale tells itself — the story that emerges from official statements and development plans — the message is clear: Yale is […]

Gallagher: No sensible opposition

Gender-neutral housing has been a hot issue in the last month, with protests on Cross Campus, official messages from Dean Mary Miller and a slew […]

Gallagher: A little radicalism

On Feb. 20 armed policemen knocked down the barricades and forced their way into the Kimmel Student Center at NYU. For the previous day and […]

Gallagher: To build better bonds

For most of us, the closing of Mory’s over winter break was no big deal. A cappella lovers and a few other Temple Bar diehards […]