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HU: The anytime friend

It’s a frigid Thursday evening, and my workout buddy has strep throat. Bundled up in my beige puffer jacket, I trudge over the dark stone […]

HU: Oh, Chinese tourists!

“On the nametag, write down your residential college, what year you graduate and your WeChat username,” I hear someone tell me. “My WeChat username? What, […]

HU: Alcoholic exclusion

The struggle to open the champagne bottle ends with an understated popping noise, like that of an undercooked popcorn kernel. Someone in the crowd proposes […]

HU: Hey, baby!

The first time I was catcalled at Yale was by a man I had met at church. It was one of those mornings when fall […]

HU: Living a duality

About two weeks ago, I accidentally called Yale “home.” Not out of emotional attachment, nor because it made conversation easier, but merely because Apple Maps […]

HU: Leaving stereotypes

My first impression of Cris came from a spattering of blue Post-it notes around our entryway: One next to the bag of free condoms, another […]