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FEATURE: Love on Trial

The heavy metal door swings open, revealing white brick walls dipped in murals of butterflies and enough inspirational quotes to fill a scrapbook. Malcolm X […]

Ivy Fung
HU: Dreams in monochrome

Editors’ Note: This piece originally appeared in the 2019 First Year Issue, published on August 2, 2019. I am a young woman with the iridescence […]

HU: Race and Christianity

When I was 6 years old, I thought that all Christians were Chinese. I had gone to an “Asian church” all my life, partially because, […]

HU: Mulan and Ivy Ling

As a young Chinese-American girl, my favorite Disney princess was the one I identified most strongly with — Pocahontas. She was the only one who […]

HU: To the prefrosh

To the prefrosh: As I write this, carefree music is wafting through Cross Campus, overlapping with notes of laughter and undertones of conversation. To my […]

HU: Lunch with the dean

“Just walk through that door and go up the stairs,” one of the dining hall workers assures me. I’m skeptical, largely because the door says […]

HU: Talking about tampons

We fight our way out of the bustling underground of Penn Station as the train rumbles away on the steel tracks, tousling our hair and […]

HU: Our need to eat

If my residential college affiliation were calculated by where I eat my meals, I’d be one third LiMur, one third Hoplite and one third Sillimander. […]

HU: Looking for: formal ticket

It started with a simple Facebook post … “Is anyone selling first year formal tickets? Please message me if you are.” “Lonely boi looking for […]

HU: Good instability

In my phone’s voice memos, there’s a recording titled “Follow your dreams.” It’s a 25 second recording from an episode of “How I Met Your […]

HU: Admission to Yale

In my four months at Yale, my vocabulary has expanded, growing to include words like Andover, Exeter, Deerfield and Choate, to name a few. As […]