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ROBERTS: Humanity in the code

The most remarkable thing about engineering and science majors at Yale is how many of them are also interested in the humanities. In the Center […]

ROBERTS: Trivial progress

Recently, I was discussing the struggles of a certain minority group with several people. Only I and one other person had experienced these struggles personally, […]

ROBERTS: Alias americana

Recently, a friend with a foreign name told me that she was planning to take an American alias. She liked her given name, but she […]

ROBERTS: The legacy option

Let’s talk about legacy: giving children of alumni preferential treatment in admissions, which sacrifices equal opportunity for continued donations. This is exactly the kind of […]

ROBERTS: Empathy for the privileged

Every winter, Yale’s campus is filled with flocks of Canada Goose jackets, those obscenely expensive parkas that appear just after each snowfall. When I first […]

ROBERTS: Still Calhoun College

There is an inscription carved into the stone above Grace Hopper College’s northeast gate: “Calhoun College.” Although the name was officially changed in July, and […]

ROBERTS: Decoupling Asian-American identity

Whenever I receive emails from the Asian American Cultural Center, I am struck by a sense of irony. The AACC administers student groups related to […]

ROBERTS: Defining racism at Yale

When I arrived at Yale, I began to hear the word “racism” used in an odd way. I had been taught that “racism” and “race-based […]