Kate Maltby
Maltby: Not a joking matter

“Did you know that nine out of 10 people enjoy gang rape?” That’s what one of my male friends gleefully told me over dinner last […]

Maltby: You (should admit me) Tube

Tufts, Tufts, Tufts. I’ve always been fond of you. Perhaps it’s the cute little name — a tart monosyllable fading away into a soft fricative, […]

Maltby: An unequal tenure

Earlier this week, Timothy Ellison ’10 masterfully articulated an anxiety that haunts young academics, and even ambitious undergraduates: the horror of the tenure process (“A […]

Maltby: Prisoners and guards

A gelatinous cube, oozing and slurping with evil intent, has become the latest threat to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Last week, after trawling through […]

Maltby: Yale’s choice, not ours

After a generation of supposed student apathy, many will breathe a sigh of relief to see Yale students returning to their traditional, earnest roots. In […]

Maltby: Facebook statuses don’t win elections

With the election over, we can get back to the important things in life again. Remember Facebook? There’s a reason I make Facebook my procrastination […]

Maltby: Forced diversity a disservice

I burst into laughter when I sat down at dinner last Monday and, for once, it wasn’t just because I’d caught sight of the table […]

Maltby: Table tents for the birds

“Legend has it that pigeons will explode if they eat dry rice.” Yale’s table tents really do teach us something new every day. This particular […]

Maltby: In faith debate, neutrality is a fallacy

It seems that a new staff columnist can kick off controversy from the very first column. My colleague Sam Bagg had but to file one […]