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Yale study finds calcium leak leads to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease

New research by Yale’s Nairn and Arnsten labs found that age-related Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the dysregulation of calcium in the brain.  The study […]

Pfizer vaccine leads to ‘significantly lower’ case rates in nursing homes, Yale study finds

A recent study published in collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Yale School of Public Health and the Connecticut Department of […]

A close-up of a vial of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.
Great Artists, Not-So-Great People

Anyone who has seen Chuck Close’s paintings can tell they are the work of a master. His massive scale portraits are models of hyper-realism, intricately […]

Saliva viral load can predict COVID-19 severity, Yale study finds

A recent study by Yale’s Iwasaki Lab has found that the viral load from saliva tests might be able to predict the severity of COVID-19 […]

Close up of test tubes sticking out of a box.
Yale study finds that when smelling, oral stimuli are weaker than nasal stimuli

Yale researchers have found that odors sensed through eating are weaker than those sensed through inhalation. The study, which was published in the journal NeuroImage, […]

A woman smelling a sandwich
Yale researchers develop nonsurgical treatment for skin cancer

Yale researchers have created a nonsurgical injection that can treat skin cancer. The new treatment, which was published in a paper in the journal Proceedings […]

Yale researchers discover reservoir of T cells involved in anti-tumor response

In a recent study, Yale scientists investigated how a specific subset of T cells can survive within a tumor’s microenvironment during the progression of cancer. […]

Yale study reveals acute kidney injury alert systems do not reduce risk

A new study by Yale School of Medicine nephrology experts shows that electronic alerts for acute kidney injury do not statistically improve patient outcomes.  F. […]

The Case for Brighter Winters

It’s about time we bid adieu to the worn out and irrational tradition of changing our clocks twice a year. Instead, we should make daylight […]

Yale study finds new genes linked to congenital hydrocephalus

A recent Yale study has identified new genes associated with congenital hydrocephalus, a neurological disease. The paper, which was published on Oct. 19, is based […]

Yale scientists track how walking fruit flies navigate to odor sources

A new Yale study has discovered how the walking fruit fly interacts with complex smells.  The research paper was published on Nov. 3 and was […]