Justin Zaremby
Sept. 11 a time for patriotism, not sorrow

A year has passed and the nation is strong. After the shock of destruction, this nation rallied to maintain morale and overcome the fear that […]

Ushering in the modern era of superstar professors

Princeton is doomed. With Cornel West now spreading his brand of academic “brilliance” at the eating clubs of Nassau, there’s even less of a reason […]

Preserving honor and integrity at Yale

Although it is unpleasant to air the dirty laundry of the student body, it should be noted that cheating is rampant at Yale. Certainly there […]

GESO’s strongarm tactics an affront to democracy

I have before reflected upon the overuse of the word “democracy” by GESO. The looming threat of union conflict gives cause for further explanation and […]

Simplistic arguments prevalent in tenure debate

The questions asked at the recent Yale College Council panel on tenure, as well as the column by Josie Rodberg ’03 (“Forum underlines need for […]

Athletics debate ignores history

The recent controversy on the pages of the Yale Daily News over whether athletic recruitment has a place at Yale has divided Yalies into two […]

Cyrus Vance’s death marks passing of an era

The death of former Secretary of State Cyrus Roberts Vance ’39 should have saddened Yale’s current student body. Unfortunately, campus media barely covered the story, […]

Yale faculty’s hypocrisy booted ROTC

The News’ View of Dec. 3, 2001, rightfully called for the reinstitution of ROTC at Yale (“University should reinstate ROTC,” 12/3). The editors of the […]

Reaffirming Bulldog supremacy at ‘Game’

The Game has captured our attention since 1875. As the crimson hordes descend upon fair New Haven, students and faculty should rapidly take the mothballs […]

Keep Yale competitive: Give merit scholarships

Recent ramblings on this page about the need for Yale to pursue a Princetonian financial aid policy and “to listen to the concern of its […]

Yale plagued by chronic indecision

Current anti-war critics claim that by attacking Afghanistan, the United States resorts to the same tactics as Osama bin Laden. Proponents of this theory recoil […]