Compress and Expand

Architects talk about compression and expansion. It is one of architecture’s fundamental techniques, and it has become a trope. The meaning is vague, but understood by all. Compression and expansion is the experience of moving through small, narrow spaces and grand, open spaces — a long, dark tunnel suddenly gives way to a high-ceilinged auditorium. […]

Personal Essay

“The terror lasted as long as recess.”

The terror lasted as long as recess. I sat cross-legged in the field behind my elementary school, with a few girls from my class. We picked the heads off dandelions and talked about what we’d heard from our mothers and homeroom teachers. Those girls — all eyes, freckles, and bubblegum breaths — talked about planes […]


Su Wei and Su Laoshi

In Su Wei’s cluttered office, Chinese calligraphy, framed photographs, and awards cover the wall. Papers and books are spread across every surface. The floor creaks as Su Wei walks across the room. From a shelf filled with thick Chinese encyclopedias, he picks up a baseball and turns it over in his hands. It is a […]


Chinese professor commemorates history through music

Through music, Yale students have exposed a Carnegie Hall audience to a relatively unknown period of Chinese history. On Saturday night, Feb. 26, the Yale Concert Band premiered “Ask the Sky and the Earth: A Cantata for the Sent-down Youth,” a work with lyrics written by Yale Chinese professor Wei Su. The cantata — a […]


“Fair Game” director talks movies, politics

Though Doug Liman has directed and produced Hollywood hits like “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” as well as the new political thriller “Fair Game,” he did not cast filmmaking in a glamorous light during a Tuesday Master’s Tea in Davenport College. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”5132″ ] With anecdotes from his own career, Liman described […]