Justine Yan
Compress and Expand

Architects talk about compression and expansion. It is one of architecture’s fundamental techniques, and it has become a trope. The meaning is vague, but understood […]

“The terror lasted as long as recess.”

The terror lasted as long as recess. I sat cross-legged in the field behind my elementary school, with a few girls from my class. We […]

Su Wei and Su Laoshi

In Su Wei’s cluttered office, Chinese calligraphy, framed photographs, and awards cover the wall. Papers and books are spread across every surface. The floor creaks […]

Chinese professor commemorates history through music

Through music, Yale students have exposed a Carnegie Hall audience to a relatively unknown period of Chinese history. On Saturday night, Feb. 26, the Yale […]

“Fair Game” director talks movies, politics

Though Doug Liman has directed and produced Hollywood hits like “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” as well as the new political thriller […]