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CHUA: Endings and beginnings

To participate in commencement — to commence — is to reflect on the passage of time. Commencement alludes to a beginning, yet graduation marks an […]

CHUA: Letter to a first year

Dear First Year: When you first arrived on campus, we told you an inviting story: The admissions office makes no mistakes. Yale is a community. […]

CHUA: The future of the University

Last month, the University announced that the Yale College term bill will increase by 3.8 percent, in keeping with recent trends. Despite a decade of […]

CHUA: The conceit of data

Since the start of the year, University President Peter Salovey has redoubled his efforts to enact his “Academic Strategy.” To this end, he has announced […]

CHUA: Cold one with the boys

Today, the idea of the “Yale Man” inspires disdain. Memes that denigrate Yale men proliferate on Facebook; terms like “softboy” and “fragile masculinity” etch themselves […]

YAN: Decoding co-education

At the start of the month, Whim ’n Rhythm and the Whiffenpoofs announced they would open auditions to singers of all genders, even as they […]

CHUA: Bring back the house

In the four decades after World War II, six to 12 seniors at Yale would spend their final year as “Scholars of the House.” Instead […]

In Admissions Video, A More Muted Yale

When I first watched the new admissions video, “That’s Why I Toured Yale,” I kept wondering when the song and dance would break out. Such […]

CHUA: First class for first years

2018 marks the eightieth anniversary of the first-year counselor program — perhaps the crown jewel in Yale’s advising framework. But unknown to most students, internal […]

CHUA: A strip of history

At this year’s Yale-Harvard game, students celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Saybrook Strip. Two minutes before the end of the third quarter, cries of […]

CHUA: The fifth of November

As the November 2015 student uprising recedes from memory into history, how will future generations remember the episode? The most significant impact of the uprising […]