Julie Post
Yale looks at ways to set up fee

University administrators are viewing the results of a student vote last week as a mandate to seek ways to implement an activities fee, Yale College […]

Post-Game, Yale may reconsider policies on alcohol

Prompted by growing awareness of binge drinking on campus and the debate over alcohol at The Game this year, Yale President Richard Levin will likely […]

Engineering professor finally submits fall term grades

Six weeks after taking their final exams in the fall semester course Mechanical Engineering 280, “Strength and Deformation of Mechanical Elements,” students received their grades […]

Some students await missing fall grades

While many students have long since forgotten about their fall semester grades, students who had enrolled in Mechanical Engineering 280, “Strength and Deformation of Mechanical […]

Number of grad school applicants drops 8 percent

Applications to Yale’s Graduate School this year dropped 8 percent, continuing to decline for the second year in a row after hitting an all time […]

Hire to aid Native Am studies

With the addition of newly-appointed Native American historian Alyssa Mt. Pleasant to Yale’s faculty ranks, the University will fill a void that has existed in […]

Aid may cover study abroad

The University will likely soon unveil additions to undergraduate financial aid that would provide students currently receiving aid with funding to cover the costs of […]

Programs to recruit minorities

Responding to what it sees as a national problem in attracting minorities to graduate degree programs, the Graduate School is launching a pilot initiative aimed […]

Native American classes are sought to meet demand

In response to growing student demand for more classes in Native American studies, the American Studies Department is negotiating a junior hire in an attempt […]

Revocation of tenure remains rare at Yale

The resignation of Yale School of Management professor Antonio Lopez-de-Silanes due to alleged financial mismanagement underscored the rarity of a tenured professor losing a post […]

Yale weighs activities fee

A proposal for Yale’s administration to add an optional $50 student activities fee to undergraduate tuition is being pushed forward by the Yale College Council […]