FONKEU & SUH-TOMA: This is freedom of expression. Yale, don’t suppress it.

Over the course of the year, University policies served as excuses for passivity. The message was clear: Yale University must protect freedom of speech above all else. But in this past week, we saw how the University wholly, hypocritically and shamefully dishonored the spirit of free expression. 

SUH-TOMA & KAGAN: Narcan can save lives. Why is Yale so slow to act?

Overdoses are increasingly haunting our communities. In 2021, the National Security Council reported that 98,268 people died from preventable drug overdoses, marking a 781 percent […]

SUH-TOMA: “We will not wait for the next school shooting”

Earlier last week, Maya Fonkeu ’25 and I — this year’s president and vice president of the Yale College Council — were contacted by organizers […]

YALE COLLEGE COUNCIL: Regarding the end of affirmative action

The following is an open letter from the Yale College Council addressed to University President Peter Salovey, Yale College Dean Pericles Lewis and Dean of […]

CHATELLE & SUH-TOMA: Menstrual Equity Now

The average Yale student’s day is stressful enough without the surprise of an unexpected period. For students who menstruate, the looming stress of forgetting a […]