Julia Levi
Morning in Franklin Common Room

I walk across a triangle of dewy grass in my pajamas, laptop in hand and groggy from a short night of sleep. The sun hasn’t […]

Spring Holidays at Yale: How the Pandemic Changed Community Celebration

As Passover approached in late March, Rabbi Jason Rubenstein, Yale’s Jewish chaplain, recalls thinking about Exodus 12, where the Israelites huddled in their homes in […]

Desegregate CT: Advocating For a More Equitable Connecticut

As residents of New Haven, we are situated in the midst of two communities with dramatically distinct life expectancy rates and educational outcomes. While Prospect […]

Love in the Time of COVID: A Window into Yale Students’ Use of Dating Apps

In a typical year at Yale, dining halls and libraries are teeming with people, making it easy to scope the scene for a potential crush […]

A Rural Run During Quarantine

I’m out of breath as I stomp my feet on dirt and gravel, beside small colored houses and parked tractors on empty fields. It’s been […]

Steep at the New Science Building: A Review

I enter the new Yale Science Building at midday with 10 minutes to spare — just enough time to grab lunch before my econ lecture […]