JP Nogues
My abdication of the royal throne of New Haven

This is my last column as the King of New Haven. As of May 27, I will be known as the King Emeritus. I am […]

Dahl-Bredine for Yale Corp. alumni trustee

A lot has been said recently about the race for the open Yale Corporation seat. Lee this, Lin that. And I’ve got to tell you, […]

A senior gift that’s just not worth giving

President Levin held a Master’s Tea in Davenport this week, and I’m sure everyone had a grand old time. Master’s Teas generally give students the […]

An open letter to the Class Day Committee

For our Class Day speaker, I don’t want David Gergen ’63. Nor anyone else who is now serving or has ever served on the Yale […]

The official column of the Olympics

As most of you know, I hang out with “President” Bush most weekends. Usually, we just rent a T&A flick and finish off a pony […]

Living on the wrong side of the Ivy tracks: crime at Yale’s highest level

When I was in high school, the older brother of some classmates of mine achieved overnight infamy. An alum of my Catholic college preparatory, Greg […]

Was IT as good for you as IT will be for me?

I write this column in the past. Well, it’s my present, but thanks to the magic of print media (the magic of television’s bastard stepbrother), […]

Nogues to Levin: Show me da’ money

Last year, Yale University paid President Richard Levin $561,709. During the same period, Yale University paid me approximately $592,000 less than that. I deserve a […]

Cohabiting with anthrax and crazy bioterrorists

When I was younger, nuclear war was my big fear. My perceptions of nuclear reality were largely shaped by old movies and TV programs like […]

At last, a column with an opinion

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of letters from concerned readers. “Dear King, How much thought do you put into your columns? Two, three seconds? […]

Ma vie en grise: Growing old

Freshman year, my suitemates and I routinely stayed up past 4 a.m., trying to impress each other with our argumentative abilities and our knowledge of […]