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Space Invaders

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Program teaches scientists to communicate work

At 17 Hillhouse Avenue on Wednesday evening, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students in the sciences took a break from their research and threw themselves into improvisation exercises.

Health conference sparks dialogue

Over the weekend, the world’s largest global health conference descended on New Haven.

Autism course celebrates 30 years

An innovative Yale course on the study and treatment of autism is now entering its fourth decade.

Study probes affective touch

According to recent research from the Yale Child Study Center, children develop unique brain mechanisms to help them understand the social importance of touch.

Murphy requests financial literacy program

After learning that one in seven New Haven households used check-cashing services rather than bank accounts, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is requesting a New Haven financial literacy program.

Tarantula venom kills pain

Researchers at Yale are the first to demonstrate that tarantula venom could also serve as an effective painkiller for humans.

Mexico’s role considered at conference

A conference organized by the Yale Mexican Student Organization featured seven of the country’s most influential public intellectual figures.

Book probes Wall Street recruitment at Yale

Roose reports on a Goldman Sachs recruitment event for Yale students he attended in the Omni Hotel, in describing how the Occupy Wall Street Movement affected the recruitment process for banking firms.

Economist argues for happiness over GDP

World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs thinks that happiness, rather than GDP growth, should be a top priority for the United States.

“Tiger couple” defends controversial new book

On Monday, Chua and Rubenfeld spoke at the Yale Bookstore about their book “The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups”