Joshua Revesz
REVESZ: A harmful career fair

As graduation looms, the class of 2013 must make difficult choices. Asset management or derivative design? Financial analyst or management associate? Most critically of all: […]

REVESZ: Feudalism in the colleges

A specter is haunting Yale: the specter of feudalism. When Yale’s class of 2016 descends on campus next week, they will be told about the […]

REVESZ: No academia is objective

The addition of ethnicity, race and migration as Yale’s 78th standalone major has prompted criticism from campus conservatives, who claim that the major will only […]

REVESZ: Eidelson for real leftism

For American leftists, politics can be painful. We liberals are too often stuck watching our preferred candidates appease a center-right electorate. From John DeStefano to […]