Joshua Monrad
MONRAD: Better than average

We need to have a conversation about how we evaluate academic performance. This conversation should begin by recognizing that American higher education is at least […]

The Salon: Laurie Santos talks about the “Good Life”

Joshua Monrad ’20 interviews Laurie Santos, professor of psychology and cognitive science, about the psychological science of the “Good Life”.

MONRAD: Go forth and do the most good

“And go forth from this place with grateful hearts, paying back the gifts you have received here by using your minds, voices and hands to […]

The Salon: Shelly Kagan discusses the importance of philosophy

Joshua Teperowski Monrad ’20 interviews Professor Shelly Kagan on the importance of philosophy. Professor Kagan explains how philosophy tackles questions with relevance to every aspect […]

The Salon: Paul Bloom talks “Against Empathy”

Joshua Teperowski Monrad ’20 interviews Professor Paul Bloom on the topic of empathy. Professor Bloom argues that the psychological mechanism has its limitations and explains […]

MONRAD: Listen up

Continue to have your opinions as you are entitled, but remember that bipartisanship is a virtue and that we learn the most from those with whom we most disagree.