Joseph Williams
Staff Columnist
Joseph Williams is a first-year MPH candidate in the Yale School of Public Health. His column 'Contemplating health' runs on alternate Thursdays.
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WILLIAMS: Health care’s melting pot

Many who have worked within the emergency medical service, or EMS, for any period of time would agree that EMS is imperfect. As a former […]

WILLIAMS: Prioritization: a lack thereof

Medicine and health development is incentivized by economics. The narrative of the Ebola vaccine is a testament to this reality. While I have serious ethical […]

WILLIAMS: Our mental burden

It feels all too surreal, this world we find ourselves in. A year ago, I remember being excited to work from home and save money […]

WILLIAMS: A drop of racism

Nearly nine months ago, New Haven removed the statue of Christopher Columbus from Wooster Square. The empty pedestal is a tangible reminder of the work […]

WILLIAMS: Will COVID-19 eliminate vaccine exemption?

If you’re desperately waiting for the pandemic to end, you might have to wait a little longer. “Public confidence in vaccination is fragile,” said Jason […]

WILLIAMS: Insurance: Cost and corruption

In January, it had been one year since I received a moderately substantial medical bill. Two weeks ago, I paid it off. The experience was […]

WILLIAMS: The ethics of intersecting health and faith

Is health merely the physical or does it include a more metaphysical component? When receiving care from a clinician, should more than just the body […]

WILLIAMS: Consider the ethics of vaccination in Massachusetts

With the rise of the COVID-19, the question of government involvement in the lives of citizens continuously rises to the forefront of many conversations. In […]

WILLIAMS: Fighting the Other Than

A donkey and an elephant sit on pedestals to debate problems at hand. But there is no debate. The elephant insults the donkey and his […]