Jordan Fitzgerald
Staff Reporter
Jordan Fitzgerald is a staff reporter covering gender equity and diversity. She is a sophomore in Trumbull College majoring in American history.
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WGSS department holds colloquium to showcase graduate student work

The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program held a colloquium on Monday night in which two graduate students displayed their research regarding women’s studies. Both […]

First class of women rush the Edon Club, formerly SigEp

Twelve sophomore women have pledged to join the newest class of the Edon Club, the coed social group formerly known as SigEp. The organization, which […]

Yale Campus Girl Scouts collaborate with New Haven Boys & Girls Club

The Yale Campus Girl Scouts do more than just sell cookies — though they offer those as well. Since the pandemic started, the group has […]

“Maybe doing less is doing more”: Ismail Jamai Ait Hmitti ’23 recharges and reassesses

Ismail Jamai Ait Hmitti ’23 is on a leave of absence, but you can’t tell from his schedule. Every morning Hmitti wakes up and by […]

INSIGHT: The Dangers of the “Lockdown Slimdown”

Content warning: This article discusses eating disorders extensively. During the 2020 spring semester, students moved freely, rushing to classes, gathering indoors and speaking without masks. […]

On Stuffing and Stuffing It: Why I’m Thankful for a Year Without Thanks

Forget the cranberry sauce, this Thanksgiving is a recipe for disaster. It’s the season of giving thanks, and in that spirit, I’d like to thank […]

Heavy is the Head that Wears the Tiara

The new season of Netflix’s “The Crown” — a dramatic retelling of the rule of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II —  drummed up […]

Full Disclosure E4: Activism Beyond the Performance

Yale Daily News Podcasts · Full Disclosure: Activism Beyond the Performance Students and faculty discuss the nuances between genuine progress and performative activism and allyship […]

CT-03: Dr. Justin Paglino runs on Green Party line

Hurricane Halloween

When I was young, just a few years old, I wore the same Cinderella costume for three straight Halloweens. I would put on my princess […]

Yale Library exhibit ‘12 Portraits: Studies of Women at Yale’ honors Yale women

Portraits of dead white men, says Tanya Marcuse ART ’90, look down on students across Yale’s campus. To change this narrative, she and George Miles […]