Jordan Fitzgerald
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Jordan Fitzgerald serves as a University editor for the News. She previously edited for WKND and wrote about admissions, financial aid & alumni. She is a senior in Trumbull College majoring in American history.
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Controversy at summer program sparks conversation on FGLI belonging

First-generation, low-income students and counselors spoke to the News about controversies that negatively impacted the First-Year Scholars at Yale program in the wake of the College Council’s first statement of the year.

Yale throws its support behind affirmative action in ongoing Supreme Court cases

Yale filed an amicus brief in support of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina system as the Supreme Court prepares to hear ongoing challenges to the universities’ affirmative action policies.

Department of Justice and federal judge signal support for group suing Yale for admissions practices

Yale and its peer universities faced multiple setbacks in recent weeks regarding an ongoing lawsuit that challenges the universities’ claims that they employ need-blind admissions.

Number of sexual misconduct complaints falls from 2020 to 2021

Yale released its Title IX report for 2021 on Wednesday, showing a 15.6 percent decrease in the number of sexual misconduct complaints from 2020.

Yale students split on efficacy of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

Yale administrators say the University’s financial aid policies have shielded most students from loans, but some students say there are still gaps.

Bulldog Days returns to campus for first time in two years

Incoming first years descended onto campus this week for the first in person Bulldog Days in two years.

Yale Admissions Office looks back on “triumphant” reading season

Yale admitted 4.46 percent of applicants in March.

Lawyers assess Yale’s efforts to dismiss antitrust suit brought against it

Legal experts share that motions to dismiss are standard practice, and are unlikely to influence the case’s outcome.

Yale files motions to dismiss antitrust case

Yale and other members of the 568 Presidents Group filed a joint motion to dismiss the antitrust case brought against them in January. Yale also filed an individual motion, claiming their 2008 suspension of the consensus methodology exempts them from legal action

UP CLOSE | Yale’s FGLI community: fact or fantasy?

Though there is a robust group of students who use the first-generation, low-income label, there is not a clear consensus on if a community exists for FGLI students.

Yale administrators and Ukrainian students aim to increase Ukrainian admissions

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, administrators say that they will focus on expanding Yale’s Ukrainian population, although it is unclear whether admit numbers for the class of 2026 honor this assertion.