Jonathan Menitove
As chairman, Dean is ideal cure for DNC’s woes

A year ago, Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont decided his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president was over. Dean, by successfully tapping the Democratic […]

Four years later, it’s fuzzy math all over again

President Bush has always been bad with numbers — something we’ve known ever since the 2000 presidential debates against Vice President Al Gore, when he […]

‘Carve-out’ accounts will break the bank

Over winter break, I was saddened to hear that Congressman Bob Matsui of California had passed away. Congressman Matsui, a third-generation Japanese-American, spent the earliest […]

Dems’ blessing in disguise: shake-up in Bush’s Cabinet

It is rumored that at the first Cabinet meeting following a president’s re-election, a very unusual procedure transpires. After the reporters and flashbulbs leave the […]

Who’s 2004’s panderer? Hint: It’s not Kerry

The first question posed to Sen. John F. Kerry in the second presidential debate came from Cheryl Otis. Cheryl asked the senator about the veracity […]

To help ticket, Edwards needs to get mean

Does anybody remember the name of Sen. John F. Kerry’s running mate? Ah, yes: that nice young-looking man from the South who did well in […]

Nader’s presidential candidacy is break from career of public service

Last Friday, Sept. 10, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader received quite a bit of ink in the morning’s newspapers. The New York Times disclosed that […]

Edwards may hurt early but help in long run

This past month, John Kerry and John Edwards parted ways as Edwards embarked on a campaign swing through the South. The rationale behind this division […]

Presidential advisors still stuck in Cold War

Andy Card leaned over to whisper into the president’s ear. It was Sept. 11, 2001, shortly before 9 a.m. and the president was listening to […]

Richardson, Gephardt add to Kerry’s ticket

Now that Senator John Forbes Kerry has wrapped up the Democratic nomination, the speculation on potential vice-presidential candidates has kicked into high gear. A myriad […]

Gov’t can be solution, not problem

We are all familiar with the current practice of politicians bashing government as too large, too expensive and too unresponsive. In fact, ever since the […]