Jonathan Dudley
Evangelicals take on the environment

The environment has seldom been pleased with evangelical Christians. Before it even got a chance to know them, Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden […]

Let homosexuals focus on the family

Over the past decade, evangelical Christianity has increasingly defined itself by opposition to homosexuality. This movement, headed by Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the […]

‘Evangelical’ doesn’t have to mean ‘pro-life’

“How could anyone vote for a Democrat?” My aunt, a fellow evangelical and a schoolteacher, recalled a conversation she had with her preschool pupils. “After […]

Column: Evangelical Christian believes in evolution

“How can you be an ‘evangelical’ Christian and a biologist? Don’t evangelicals reject science? Don’t scientists believe in evolution?” I’m often asked these questions by […]

COLUMN: Bible, say ‘hi’ to biology

I have a confession to make to the Yale community: I am an evangelical Christian. I admit that apologetically, in both senses of the word. […]

Intelligent Design not so intelligent

Shortly after the publication of my last column, “Evolution Sunday not so benign” (Jan. 24), I received an e-mail from a gentleman at the Discovery […]

Evolution Sunday not so benign

On Feb. 11, 2007, Christians will gather in churches across America to celebrate a very special Sunday. What is the purpose — to raise money […]