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Stop Asian Hate: School of Architecture Exhibit Showcases Activism Through Art

Forsythia Ornaments

Bodies are beautiful like flowers, though unlike many flowers, they are not perennial. This simile may seem obvious. The greatest distinction between these two organisms, […]

LEGOs Versus Nail Salon

If I and a little kid were both equally enthralled by the last LEGO set on the Target shelf, I’d snatch it gleefully. Without batting […]

What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Closer

In times of struggle, we each have our own ways of coping. Some of us cry with a small group of friends, others with a […]

Black Friday at the Largest Mall in the USA

I’ve been going to the Mall of America (MOA) ever since my primary school years, and it’s usually the only place my family visits on […]

At the Wooden Table: Making Up for Lost Time

I’ve never had to think twice before singing. I don’t have to learn how to match certain musical notes each time I hear them on […]

An Unveiling: Rainbows in the Gray

I make a weekly trek from Davenport to start my shift in the gray brick building at Prospect and Sachem Street. The establishment, which faces […]

Her Son’s Mền Hoa

“Why’re you bringing the mền hoa?” má asked in Vietnamese. It was August 17th— one week before I flew out of Minnesota and moved into […]