John Klement
HIV, heart disease prevention should merge, Lamptey says

By 2040, cardiovascular disease will outstrip HIV/AIDS as a leading killer in lower-income countries, Dr. Peter Lamptey said at a talk Monday. Lamptey, president of […]

Researchers find the cause of food poisoning

The mystery of how salmonella causes food poisoning is one step closer to being solved. New research from the School of Medicine led by cell […]

Undergrads discover new fungi, new biofuel?

Two Yale undergraduates have discovered two new species of fungi that have the potential to revolutionize the biofuel industry. Led by molecular biophysics and biochemistry […]

Flu loses student interest

As swine flu slowly retreats, a less aggressive flu prevention strategy moves into the Yale campus. A new study by researchers at the School of […]

Yale researchers tackle Alzheimer’s disease

Yale researchers are one step closer to reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Led by Paul Lombroso, professor of neurobiology and psychiatry , an interdepartmental […]

Scientists outwit bacteria

A team of six Yale scientists have discovered how to manipulate the cell wall of a bacterium, allowing for the addition of small particles to […]

Yale scientists break ground on Earth’s mantle

Yale scientists are breaking ground on the effects of pressure on the crystalline structure of the Earth’s mantle. In a report published in the Sept.24 […]