John Ettinger
Ettinger: Angels have delivered Jays a godsend

What was Tony Reagins thinking? Buried beneath the hustle and bustle of last week’s NFL showdowns was perhaps the most lopsided trade of baseball’s new […]

Ettinger: NCAA putting its mouth where the money is

So Cam Newton is a national champion. Kudos to him, really. It’s an incredible accomplishment and one that will stay with him for the rest […]

Ettinger: How much is Jeter actually worth?

The contract dispute between the Yankees and their prized captain, 36-year-old shortstop Derek Jeter, has gone public. Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, has hinted to the […]

Ettinger: How ‘bout them Huskies?

Chances are you didn’t catch even a minute of the most important sporting event of the week. And you call yourself a real sports fan. […]

Ettinger: Heat not so hot

If the season ended today, the 5-3 Miami Heat would play the 4-3 Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. What does […]

Ettinger: Dissecting parity in baseball

As the Fall Classic begins to unwind, the weather is turning rather fair. True to form, as the bandwagon comes rolling into the station, so […]

Ettinger: Let’s play seven

You have to feel bad for fans of the Reds, Braves, Twins and Rays (did you know Dick Vitale is a season ticket holder?). To […]