John Ettinger
ETTINGER: Don’t count Jimmie Johnson out

Jimmie Johnson has won five consecutive championships playing a sport in which everyone drives the exact same car. Five. To win five consecutive championships in […]

Ettinger: Moneyball’s lasting effects

On Friday, “Moneyball” finally hits the silver screen. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. Will Brad Pitt or Jonah Hill deliver an Oscar-worthy performance […]

ETTINGER: What to watch for in the NFL this week

Football is back. Following a humbling lockout, a frenzied free-agency and a dramatic preseason, it feels like an eternity since Aaron Rodgers hoisted the Vince […]

ETTINGER: Lockout would work wonders for T-Wolves, cripple Magic

Ready or not, the NBA lockout has arrived. As players make a mad dash for international leagues, it’s unclear what the future holds. It’s possible […]

Ettinger: Let’s not anoint Rose just yet

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m gonna have to go with Stan Van Gundy on this one. Stan and I are in perfect […]

Ettinger: Technicality? Yes. Important? Yes.

Oh, what a difference 11 days can make. Most baseball fans aren’t privy to the mysterious world of “service time.” And why should they be? […]

Ettinger: Are you ready for some baseball?

As the calendar flips to spring, America welcomes one of its finest traditions: Opening Day. With its blank slate, Opening Day brings limitless possibility. Last […]

Ettinger: The Madness is upon us

March is a special time for most sports fans, and the first week of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament didn’t disappoint. There were upsets. There […]

Ettinger: We paid how much for ‘Melo?

Carmelo Anthony is a Knick. How exciting is that? You can’t call yourself a true Knicks fan if the image of Amar’e Stoudemire tossing up […]

Ettinger: Yankees need strong pitching

Pitching wins championships, and the Yankees are about to learn this the hard way, for better or for worse. Recent rumblings about C.C. Sabathia’s opt-out […]

Ettinger: Forecast for Cleveland: dark and stormy (as usual)

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers fell 117–90 to the much-despised Miami Heat. With the loss, their 21st in a row, the Cavaliers became the NBA’s […]