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YAO: Earn this

Though my graduation from Yale is only a few weeks away, I can still remember the climactic spring day that would mark the start of my time here: the day I was accepted. As happy as I felt that afternoon five years ago, I could not help but ask myself, why?

YAO: The idea of Yale

The late George Pierson ’26 once asserted that “Yale is at once a tradition, a company of scholars, a society of friends.”

YAO: A different kind of all star

May 23 is an absolute certainty. What will we do with that knowledge?

YAO: Bringing balance to ambition

On the first day of classes at the Yale School of Management, we went around the room and shared our greatest life experiences in an icebreaker exercise. Many of the students my age talked about traveling or personal accomplishments. The older students — both men and women — were nearly unanimous in their responses: Either “The day I got married” or “The day I became a parent.”

YAO: Beyond the Oscar boycott

When we go to the movies and watch television, we expect to laugh and cheer and to be entertained. At its best, however, media can […]

YAO: The pride of our identity

“Asian-American” is still a relatively new identity. It was only after the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 eliminated the practice of using quotas for […]