Joel Sircus
SIRCUS: Thanks, mom, for my sports fanaticism

Behind every true sports fanatic lies an ethusiastic supporter. It’s high time that I thanked the woman who introduced me to my love of sports. […]

SIRCUS: Inside sports networks

I know why you’re happy, Yale. Sure, the weather is unusually nice, but it’s not global warming that’s got you smiling wide. And yeah, shopping […]

SIRCUS: NBA lockout woes

Well, much as it pains me to say, it looks like the 2011-’12 NBA season may never come to fruition. They say absence makes the […]

SIRCUS: Baseball’s most exciting night ever

It takes a lot for me to get excited about baseball. Maybe this is because I still need to choke up on the bat to […]

Sircus: Stern, let there be games

In what may become one of the most boneheaded managerial moves of the sports decade, NBA Commisioner David Stern announced last week that the NBA […]

Sircus: Colts becoming hard to watch

In 2008, Will Ferrell released the soon-to-be-forgotten “Semi-Pro” — a mega-flopper, screwball comedy about a singer (Ferrell) turned ABA basketball owner/power forward. With the exception […]

SIRCUS: Breathing sports: an introduction

  Well, here we are — on our first date. I have to say, if I had my druthers, we would be meeting under better […]

Sircus: The last anti-gay bastion

Though possible Presidential candidate Donald Trump reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage yesterday, a long-lasting positive change for the LGBT community may be on the […]

Sircus: Remembering the trailblazers

This past week, the world lost two trailblazers; far too few of us will remember and celebrate the lives of these revolutionaries. Though they worked […]

Sircus: The frustrating filibuster

Believe it or not, the U.S. Senate missed another huge opportunity recently. On Jan. 27, the body emphatically voted down Tom Harkin’s (D-Ind.) and Tom […]

Sircus: Rwanda’s George Washington?

This past Friday, Bernard Ntaganda was sentenced to four years in a Rwandan prison, marking the second time in the past year that a former […]