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Jackson fellows bring experiences, expertise

Nearly 10 years after the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs brought the first set of senior fellows to campus, the 2018-2019 cohort of prominent practitioners […]

Mental Health at Yale: Awareness and Prevention

Watch part 1 of our series here: For the second part of Mental Health at Yale feature series, YTV investigated the issue of mental health […]

Speak Out: Mental Health at Yale

YTV examines why mental health is such a major problem on college campuses and what resources are available to help students at Yale.

Trans-fat ban linked to less heart attacks and strokes

A complete ban on trans fat within the human diet may decrease the number of heart attacks and strokes in the American population, a recent […]

Faculty, students worry about Trump’s higher-ed policies

Even with the recent appointment of Betsy DeVos — who is known for her advocacy for the privatization of K–12 education — as the Secretary of Education, the public is still uncertain about what policies may be imposed due to DeVos’ lack of professional experience in higher education.

Students denied dean’s excuses in wake of election

A baffling conclusion to the 2016 presidential race left some students feeling too emotionally distraught to complete major exams and assignments, but student requests for […]

Ngan Vu
Yale lobbies for financial aid support, immigration reform

In the first three quarters of 2016, Yale spent $390,000 on lobbying efforts, according to the Center for Responsive Politics — a lower figure than in recent years.

Consistency in Yale, uncertainty in Harvard investments

In contrast to the success of Yale’s endowment, which is partially attributed to its consistent leadership, Harvard has once again hired a new endowment manager […]

Transition to Canvas draws mixed reviews

The beginning of the two-semester transition period from Classes*v2 to Canvas has been met with a mix of confusion, satisfaction and ambivalence from the student body.