Jillian Kravatz
More than thanks

Michelle Fogarty ’16 and Keyanna Jackson ’16 met for dinner in the Branford dining hall this past Monday, a usual gathering spot for the two […]

Visions of Sugar Plums

“Mommy … Mommy,” Nick said, tapping his mother’s shoulder. “What?” she whispered back to him. On stage, over a dozen children from the School of […]

The Spaces We Fill

I stepped through two black curtains into local artist Cayla Lockwood’s “Bedroom,” currently on display in ArtSpace’s project room. I was expecting a bed, a […]

Taking off

At circus arts studios like New Haven’s Air Temple Arts or Polefly Aerial Fitness, you won’t find sword swallowing or fire breathing, carnival lights, or […]

Glee Club tours Cuba despite travel restrictions

Just weeks before spring break, some members of the Yale Glee Club worried their planned tour in Cuba would have to be cancelled.

Food writer charms students with her journey

Fifteen years ago, Samin Nosrat snatched a job sweeping the floors of the famous Californian restaurant Chez Panisse. Now she is trying to change the way people cook.

Financial literacy program makes impact

Paulo Costa ’14 landed a summer internship with Goldman Sachs that promised him more money than his parents made in a year. But he turned it down.