Jessica Tom

Once, when I was 15, my father spent five hours sleeping on a bench in Disney World. He said he had caught the “bird flu,” […]

Think you’ve tasted the truly toxic? Eat this, Britney

Food poisoning takes what, an hour to kick in? Maybe 30 minutes? Ten? But what happened to me this summer wasn’t food poisoning. It was […]

One part food, one part France, three parts personality

Whetting My Appetite The soul of a restaurant lies in its menu. The Union League’s is a concise list, with one dish for every requisite […]

Confessions of a dangerous palate: A love letter

More than once, I have been accused of manslaughter. I’ll tell you now that I’m innocent. I’m not like those other girls, who after the […]

Can Nikkita’s eclectic variety ward off an identity crisis?

Before eating at Nikkita, you must get a few things straight. Nikkita is NOT a Japanese restaurant, despite the Japanese-sounding name and blackboard-drawn sushi menu. […]

Four steps to having your tuna — and eating it, too

Ah, the power of food. (The American Dairy Association’s slogan, “Ahh, the power of cheese,” is too specific for this month’s column.) Freud posited that, […]

Dave Lieberman — recipe for success?

Somewhere between the creepy staginess of the Iron Chef and the even creepier attraction to/revulsion toward Emeril, there lies a level of culinary cool. Nigella […]

Yale puts itself in ‘JEOPARDY!’

Scores of Yale students stepped out in the unflagging New Haven rain Tuesday to take a test that could determine their future. Not the LSATs […]

YHHAP fast raises $6.5k for 12 charities

Eight hundred and ten Yale students accustomed to swiping cards for food chose to forgo the dining halls Thursday in order to raise money for […]

Gateway offers free computer skills class

As high-tech gear encroaches on daily life, AOL Instant Messenger jargon litters conversation, and the world expands its cyber-web, it can be easy to forget […]

Protesters decry war spending

Anxious New Haven taxpayers gathering their 1040EZ, 1099, and W2 forms received yet another piece of paper Tuesday as they went to mail in their […]