Jessica McDonald
MCDONALD: Trying to GAIN an edge on ‘superbugs’

During a hockey game last Saturday, the Boston Bruins defenseman, Dennis Seidenberg, took a skate blade to his leg, slicing it open. By Thursday, the […]

MCDONALD: Google, please help improve the mean

The data revolution is coming. While online marketing is getting fat off trillions of cookies, biology is exploding with DNA sequences, sports teams are selecting […]

MCDONALD: Negative data is still data

I am exceedingly good at failing. Even though I’m getting my Ph.D. in one of the best immunology departments in the world, the common thread […]

McDonald: Sounding off on the Cloud

Just over a week ago, announced its foray into the music streaming business with its new Cloud Music Player. While it’s true that the […]

McDonald: Girls, get gaming

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Kay S. Hymowitz decries the slacker-slob male prototype she claims is increasingly common in society. In the provocatively […]

McDonald: For AIDS, celebs sacrifice cyber life

Checking your tweets and Facebook news feed this morning, you may have noticed your favorite celebrities were unusually silent. Or perhaps eerily silent. That’s because […]

McDonald: Highlighting inhibits creative thinking

Print is dead. Or so I hear from my Kindle-toting friends. As someone who has yet to jump on the e-reader bandwagon, I’m quick to […]

McDonald and Sadanand: Clinical trials, point-counterpoint

As difficult as it may be to deny a drug to a desperate patient, controlled trials are the backbone of clinical science: We need them […]

McDonald: Freshmen, it’s OK not to think sometimes

Schoolchildren everywhere (and maybe even some unlucky Yale undergraduates) will soon be penning some version of the “What I did on summer vacation” essay. For […]

McDonald: Yalies must go beyond recycling

You’ve heard it ad nauseum: reduce, reuse and recycle. And yet, before you toss this paper (in the recycling bin, of course), consider Yale’s performance […]


Since the 1960s bisphenol A, or BPA, has been used to manufacture hard plastics ranging from an infant’s milk bottle and a child’s first sippy […]