Jessica Kim commends Web sites of 2 professors

If students surfing the Web should stumble upon Forbes Magazine’s site, they will find two School of Management professors listed there. Professors William Goetzmann and […]

Penn students protest war by camping out on green

For three days and nights, a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania protested the conflict in Afghanistan by sleeping in a “tent city” […]

Two Yale graduates honored for philanthropy

When Roslyn Meyer ’71 GRD ’77 and Jerome Meyer MED ’72 met in Cross Campus Library 30 years ago, they could hardly have imagined that […]

Nobel physics laureate draws hundreds at talk

Two lecture rooms of the Sloane Physics Laboratory filled up on Friday afternoon as more than 330 people gathered to hear one man speak. The […]

Strobe lights up Stiles Tea

Strobe Talbott’s cell phone rang in the middle of his sentence as he sat before a group of about 20 people in the Ezra Stiles […]

Lecture focuses on morality of terrorism

Battell Chapel was somberly attentive Sunday night as an audience of about 50 listened to a lone figure dressed in the suit and collar of […]

Campus to get wireless Ethernet

ITS is installing hardware that will enable wireless Ethernet connection throughout much of campus. After a wireless Ethernet pilot program launched by Yale Information Technology […]

Former FCC head talks at Davenport Tea

Reed Hundt ’69 pointed nostalgically toward the window facing the courtyard in the Davenport Master’s House. “I remember I used to live right over there […]