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YSPH study finds adverse reactions to opioid use disorder medication buprenorphine unlikely

In a study looking at the effects of buprenorphine in 1,200 patients with substance use disorders, the odds of precipitated withdrawal — an adverse reaction caused by medications used to treat opioid dependence — was less than one percent.

Yale researchers find that breastfeeding can cost over $11,000 a year

Sparked by the shortage of baby formula in the US in 2022, YSPH and YSM researchers conducted a study that quantifies the costs of breastfeeding an infant in their first year of life.

Yale researchers predict increase of over 2,000 cases of HIV in the U.S. post-Braidwood Management v. Becerra

Yale researchers estimate the public health effects of the Braidwood Management v. Becerra ruling, which ruled that federally mandated insurance coverage of HIV prevention medication violated religious rights.

YSPH Center promotes implementation of academic research to improve public health outcomes

YSPH’s Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science promotes applying research findings to improve public health interventions worldwide. 

Yale experts weigh in on avian flu transmission concerns

Public health experts at Yale explained the scope of the current Avian flu outbreak in the US and beyond.

YSPH student and alumni start nonprofit to improve mortality surveillance

Nonprofit organization MakeDeathsCount works to improve data collection around deaths in lower and middle-income countries.

PROFILE: Megan Ranney, the next dean of YSPH

Following her appointment as dean of the Yale School of Public Health, Ranney discussed her background in public health and her goals for the YSPH community.

Yale researchers identify biomarker key to finding new viral infections

A team of Yale researchers found that the presence of a key biomarker in patients testing negative for all other viral infections can help identify patients that may be infected by a new virus.

Yale Institute for Global Health awards Spark grant to four faculty members

Four Yale Institute of Global Health associated faculty members each receive an award of up to $10,000 for projects contributing to global health research.

Yale study finds significant protection in annual COVID-19 booster

A study coming out of the Yale School of Public Health finds that annual or bi-annual COVID-19 booster shots will likely have a significant impact in reducing endemic COVID-19 infections.

Olympian Laura Zeng ’25 to appear in multidisciplinary performance art piece

Developed by Chiara Hardy ’24 and 2-time Olympic rhythmic gymnast Laura Zeng ’25, the performance combines movement, prosthesis, sound and light.