Jessica Kasamoto
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Jessica Kasamoto covers the Yale School of Public Health for the SciTech desk. She is a graduate student in computational biology and bioinformatics.
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Yale’s Humanitarian Research Lab finds Belarus complicit in the relocation of Ukrainian children

The report found that the Lukashenka regime of Belarus is assisting Russia in the relocation and re-education of thousands of Ukranian children.

Federal program to reduce health disparities is ineffective, YSPH researchers find

A new study from the YSPH found the Health Professional Shortage Area program to be ineffective in its goal of reducing healthcare shortages in underserved areas.

School of Nursing receives $11.1 million anonymous donation

The gift to the Yale School of Nursing will go toward funding full-tuition scholarships for students selected for the Community Scholars Program.

Researchers study mental health issues among adolescents in American Samoa

A study out of the School of Public Health was one of the first to delve into the intricacies of mental health issues of American-Samoan youth; the findings will help create a framework on how to improve mental health services and infrastructure in the community.

Yale study finds increase in asthma-related emergency room visits in New York City due to Canadian wildfire smoke

Researchers involved in the study spoke with the News about how they used New York City’s syndromic surveillance system to determine how many asthma-related emergency room visits occurred as the smoke wave rolled through the city.

Yale researchers investigate the use of antiviral pill to treat long COVID patients

A study conducted by researchers at the School of Public Health is testing whether Paxlovid, an antiviral medication used to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 positive patients, can be used longer term to help treat those with long COVID.

YSPH study finds adverse reactions to opioid use disorder medication buprenorphine unlikely

In a study looking at the effects of buprenorphine in 1,200 patients with substance use disorders, the odds of precipitated withdrawal — an adverse reaction caused by medications used to treat opioid dependence — was less than one percent.

Yale researchers find that breastfeeding can cost over $11,000 a year

Sparked by the shortage of baby formula in the US in 2022, YSPH and YSM researchers conducted a study that quantifies the costs of breastfeeding an infant in their first year of life.

Yale researchers predict increase of over 2,000 cases of HIV in the U.S. post-Braidwood Management v. Becerra

Yale researchers estimate the public health effects of the Braidwood Management v. Becerra ruling, which ruled that federally mandated insurance coverage of HIV prevention medication violated religious rights.

YSPH Center promotes implementation of academic research to improve public health outcomes

YSPH’s Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science promotes applying research findings to improve public health interventions worldwide. 

Yale experts weigh in on avian flu transmission concerns

Public health experts at Yale explained the scope of the current Avian flu outbreak in the US and beyond.