Jessica Feinstein
Mad impressive bling

Hey you! Yes, you. Are you about to be a Yale Graduate? We thought so. We could tell. You have Success written all over you. […]

The Best Romanian Pop Song Ever

It’s not over until the fat lady sings. But if it’s a fat dude, and he’s lip-synching to an Eastern European pop song with lyrics […]

Adderall: The academic steroid

Raskolnikov. Rodya. Rodion. Svidrigailov. Zossimov, Zamyotov, Lebezyatnikov. Those crazy Russians and their patronymics, their confusing nicknames, their horribly long and dreary novels. Awash in a […]

DKE & YPU: Filling precedential shoes

Before they were presidential candidates in 2004, they were presidents at Yale in the 1960s. Years before he would move onto the White House, George […]

Dinner crowding leads to exclusion

Annette Tracey is not a bouncer at a club. But as a dining hall worker in Berkeley College, she is the next closest thing. Swiping […]

Coalition tries to stop demolition

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “It’s like a massive footprint, it’s like a giant fortress when you come into the city,” North […]

Fencing coach rides donkey with dignity

Somewhere on the seventh floor of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, beneath piles of sabres and gloves, sits the desk of fencing head coach Henry Harutunian. Only […]

For ’05, 9/11 is an early Yale memory

As the wind on Cross Campus Saturday night threatened to extinguish the flames lit in remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001, students shielded their candles and […]

English class edits usual format

At first glance, the class that met in Saybrook College’s Lyceum Room Tuesday afternoon seemed like a typical seminar. The topic of discussion — how […]

Bookstore offers more than text

In the lower level of the Yale Bookstore, wedged between the foreign language section and the Clinique counter, a small but colorful garden has sprouted. […]

Gym boasts medal

Michael Phelps, move over. Payne Whitney Gymnasium needs some room on the Olympic podium. Perhaps one of Yale’s largest and most sedentary Olympians, the building […]