Jessica Becker
Eli may take plunge before millions

For students who were in Joshua Walker GRD ’06’s “America in the Middle East” section last spring, the last place they would have imagined him […]

A day in the life: Amy Wojnarsky

Amy Wojnarwsky ’07, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, is a political science major and member of Calhoun College. As one of the co-coordinators of Dwight […]

A day in the life: Frances Pesquera

Puerto Rican native Frances Pesquera ’07, a molecular, cellular and developmental biology major, is currently balancing preparation for the upcoming MCAT with cultural and service-related […]

A day in the life: Stefano Theodoli-Braschi

Stefano Theodoli-Braschi ’07, a member of Saybrook College who lives off campus, is a double major in theater studies and history. He hails from London, […]

A day in the life: Jihad Beauchman

As the second semester of his senior year comes to a close, Jihad Beauchman ’06 is continuing to live life at an unusually fast pace, […]

Years after SATs, some students dive into test prep

Standardized tests have seen considerable media attention recently — from the sweeping changes implemented last year that turned the SAT I into a 2,400-point exam […]

Marines bring message to campus

Last summer, Jack Szymanski ’08 experienced the hardest six weeks of his life. As a participant in the Platoon Leaders Class Program in Quantico, Va., […]