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¡Viva Títeres! Manuel Morán’s “Invitation to Be”

In Puerto Rican puppeteer Manuel Morán’s “latinized” reimagination of Pinocchio, “Viva Pinocho! A Mexican Pinocchio,” “pregunatitis” — or “questionitis” — is a curiosity that proves […]

TORRES & ROY: Dump the word “trash”

Every week, a dozen off-campus Yalies are greeted by a biker hauling a capacious container on his back. Pizza delivery person? The library book enforcer? […]

Despierta Boricua and La Casa Cultural honor poet Julia de Burgos in conversation with Mayra Santos-Febres

La Casa Cultural and Despierta Boricua hosted Afro-Puerto Rican poet Mayra Santos-Febres on Wednesday in a discussion about the life and work of Julia de […]

STRANGERS: Dr. Stephen Irons, The Bard of Science Hill

When friends ask Giovanna Truong ’23 why she chose to major in physics, they need not wait long to hear the name “Stephen Irons.” Dr. […]