Jeff Muskus
Proto urges Wal-Mart employees to unionize

While some of Yale’s graduate teachers rally for unionization on the University’s campus, Local 35 President Bob Proto said state officials and labor leaders are […]

Ballooning tuition presents challenges

In 1940, candy cost a penny, movies cost a nickel and Yale’s tuition cost $50. Today, students are lucky to buy a Twizzler or a […]

Senator talks to GESO

While nearly 100 art and environmental science students marched to Yale Provost Andrew Hamilton’s office at noon Monday, local labor leaders met with U.S. Sen. […]

Yale seeks increase in organic food

After a month-long trial of unrestricted dining hall access, officials said, students who flocked to Berkeley’s dining hall have issued their verdict: they like its […]

Group demands a greener Yale

As Yale struggles to catch up to its more environmentally-conscious peer institutions, some campus activists are pushing for initiatives they say may help make the […]

Privacy concern sparks ID shift

Yale is moving forward with changes to its internal identification system that officials hope will better protect students’ personal information, such as Social Security numbers, […]

Students inquire into possible Sudan funds

A group of students lashed out at the administration on Tuesday and questioned the ethics of University investments during Chief Investment Officer David Swensen’s stewardship […]

Tuition will rise to $41,000

The total Yale College term bill for the 2005-06 academic year will rise 5.5 percent to $41,000, University officials said Monday. This year’s increase in […]

Builders reveal plans for CCL

After the Cross Campus Library is renovated, students may no longer have to rely on vending machines for sustenance while they study. Library staff members […]

Flex to see no change this year

After working for the past few months with local restaurants for a possible decrease in the surcharge for the University’s Flex dollars program, Yale Dining […]

‘Phishing’ scheme targets students

Most students say they know better than to send personal information to someone claiming to be a deposed African prince, but some students fell for […]