Jean Wang
Staff Columnist
Jean edits the Opinion Desk. They are a junior in Jonathan Edwards College double majoring in Mathematics and English.
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  If you walk into the Yale Political Union President’s Office at 305 Crown Street, you will realize that it is a living museum of […]

WANG: For crying out loud

In my first week of Zoom college, I attended a Yale Political Union debate on the topic, “Resolved: Sign the Harper’s Letter.” In the two […]

Wang: Ditch Datamatch

Oh, February. Love and COVID-19 are in the air. Matchmaking algorithms are in your emails. I have been under the impression that people fill out […]

WANG: Raise High the Roofbeams

It was not until classes started last week that I began to seriously ponder why I came to Yale. Of course, Yale’s excellence as a […]

WANG: The start of something

I watched “The French Dispatch” at the end of Halloweek, following a string of disappointing parties. I spent my mornings figuring out where to go […]

WANG: Based?

The first thing I do every morning is scroll through meme accounts. In one image, an angry bald guy screams at his serene, blond counterpart. […]

WANG: Ready or not

“You’re real!” my friends would say after meeting me for the first time off Zoom. And after a conversation, “You’re exactly the same person you […]