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Kleeb: ‘Hipster’, ‘Fantastic’ or Just Anti-Comatose?

By Andrew Mangino OMAHA, Neb., 12:47 p.m. — Ryan the Angry Midget put it bluntly in his prediction post: “Democrat Scott Kleeb gets clubbed by […]

Yale offense seals the deal

The offense was able to end the game with possession and milk the clock away to conclude the contest. After a first half of more […]

A dagger

Kyle Hawari did it again for the Bulldogs, and forced his second fumble of the contest. With under 3:30 remaining, it looks like the Elis […]

Another impressive Yale drive

The Bulldogs were able to string together another effective drive and milk some clock in the process. The 13-play, 73-yard drive consumed over six minutes […]

Yale playing some smashmouth football and the game getting chippy

Throughout the contest, the Bulldogs have dished out some big hits, in all phases of the game. And that could not be better exemplified than […]

Yale special teams gives Columbia a break

After an impressive 6-play, 51-yard drive, in which the Bulldog offense looked at its best all game, the Bulldogs were not able to put points […]

Opportunisitc defense does it again

Inside their own 20, the Lions made things a little easier for the Bulldogs again. Scrambling out of the pocket, Oluwale fumbled and three plays […]

Only a field goal to show for it

Despite the short field to work with, the Bulldogs couldn’t punch it into the end zone and concluded the series with a Mante 37-yard field […]

Yet again

Another Lions special teams error — a shanked punt by Jon Rocholl — gives the Bulldogs the ball on the Lion 30-yard line. This is […]

Special teams hurting Lions again

Yale’s first series concluded with another booming Mante punt and a Columbia mistake by punt returner by Mike Stephens. Instead of letting the ball go […]

Halftime at The Bowl

The teams head into intermission with the Bulldogs leading 14-6. The scoreboard may make it seem that the Eli offense has righted the ship, but […]